Pittsburgh Pride All-Stars

Private Lessons

1) CREATE AN ACCOUNT under your CHILD’S name (a sibling can be added to the same account if they will share a Semi-Pvt)

2) Include how you want notifications by email or text.  You can get a reminder the day before a lesson. 

3) Add your credit card for your child under their profile (use parent’s name here with the card info as you normally would)

4) Later, you can install the Mindbody APP on your phone and book from there too.  Be sure to choose an instructor that is level appropriate for your child.

Join the above BAND groups to be updated on new private lesson openings and have direct contact with our private lesson instructors.

Private lessons are a great way to personalize your training. Some reasons to use private lessons include:

  1. Enhanced training in order to accomplish a specific goal you have set

  2. Needing to catch up to a skill level if you are behind, perhaps from being injured, or from starting training a little later than your peers

  3. Time restrictions to your schedule that prohibit group classes

  4. Additional training to your current class, for one-to-one attention

Whatever the reason, privates are very beneficial & enjoyable.  They can be used occasionally to boost your current training regimen or on a regular weekly basis as your primary training.