Private lessons are a great way to personalize your training.   Some reasons to use private lessons include:

  1. Enhanced training in order to accomplish a specific goal you have set
  2. Needing to catch up to a skill level if you are behind, perhaps from being injured, or from starting training a little later than your peers
  3. Time restrictions to your schedule that prohibit group classes
  4. Additional training to your current class, for one-to-one attention
Whatever the reason, privates are very beneficial & enjoyable.  They can be used occasionally to boost your current training regimen or on a regular weekly basis as your primary training.
Member (must be currently active on a team or enrolled in class)
$32/half hour
Non-Member (not enrolled in any other Pride team or class)
$37/half hour
Also Available:
  • Semi-Privates for 2 or more students (ask about our special pricing)
  • Discounted rate for Jr Coaches, $29/half hour (a Jr Coach is a high school athlete who has been highly trained with us, recommended for ages 12 & under, Levels 1-3)