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Fall Tumbling Class 2018



Follow the Class Schedule for dates and days off

These can be used as class make-up days, or as an extra class for members and nonmembers $10.  They are free to our All Star team members.

(Sept 2018-May 2019)

  • Mon 7:30-8:30

  • Sat 12-1:00



FALL SESSION will run September through Dec/Jan

WINTER SESSION will run January through May/June  

SUMMER SESSION will run June-August



Use our ENROLL IN A CLASS button under the video on the home page

The Enrollment Page allows you to:

  • view all of our classes even before you enroll (or open above)
  • after you create a family account, you can enroll in a class. Returning members should NOT make a new account, use your original one!
  • REGISTRATION FEE AND TUMBLING FEE (1ST MONTH OR SESSION)  must be paid in order to register for a class.  Full session, multiple classes, sibling, and team member discounts.  A default price will show up but you can choose your amount & we will adjust the price accordingly to what is available that session.  Please contact us when needing to add a sibling before adding to class so we can apply discounts.  Simply type in the blank box provided when you’re enrolling.
  • you can also later view your own private family ledger once you are a member & you can make any updates to it at any time.



LOOK FOR SPECIALTY CLASSES throughout the year:

Flip Fest:  1-1/2 hr of tumble drills & skills

Pride Ninja:  Obtacle courses of strength & endurance & fun!

Princess Class:  Tumble like a princess with grace, balance & fun!  Can you flip in a crown & tutu!?

Superheroes for Boys:  Boys get to play the hero as they run, jump, & flip like superman.  (Costumes for use)

Waiver for any Flip Fest Friday Flip Fest Waiver Form



Natalie wins at Pride Ninja!
Natalie wins at Pride Ninja!


   Video of Ninja Winner

IMG_8163 IMG_8175 IMG_8178 IMG_8180 IMG_8183 IMG_8187












→ SESSION packages are available throughout the year.  These offer discounted classes if you purchase up front:   Summer offers a 10 week package, Fall (Sept-Jan) offers 4 months & Winter (January-June) offers 5 months.    Our Monthly payment plan is still available at $62/mo when you need flexibility!  (see below for more details)


  • Current “monthly” students stay enrolled within an ongoing tumbling class until you need to drop & notify us.The schedule of classes always changes in June (to start our Summer schedule) & in September (to start the Fall/Winter schedule).
  • Current “session” students should re-enroll for Summer, Fall & Winter & notify us that you want to continue.
  • Current “monthly” students have a chance to upgrade at the start of any new session, notify us by email or phone.
  • New students can enroll at the start of any month, choose a start date at the beginning of our months

COSTS – Discounted for more!!

  • Summer flexibility, per class $20 (or sign up for a package discount before summer session starts)
  • 1 month/4weeks  in Fall or Winter  =  $62/mo (Do as many months as you want. Set up is through Autopay, you may cancel at the end of any month when you need, so PLEASE TELL US you are canceling to not get charged if you are dropping.  You may also enroll for only one month at a time so simply give us your drop date when you enroll)
  • 4 months/16weeks  =  $208 (available when doing Sept-January)
  • 5 months/20weeks  =  $260 (available when doing January-June)
  • 9 months/36 weeks)  =  $440  (when doing Sept-June)

Fall and Winter Session Discounts:

FAMILY DISCOUNT:   20% off 2nd sibling! (one discount per person)

2 classes per week:  20% off 2nd class when buying one month or more (same person) (one discount per person, cannot combine w/sibling discount)

We strive for a 6-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.  Often times it’s less, and we add extra instructors as needed.


Do YOU want to learn to flip, twist or jump? We have a class for YOU!

There’s a class for EVERYONE!Our gym area alone covers nearly 8,000 sq ft which was created specifically to our sport.  You can rest assured that we have gone above and beyond industry standards to make Pride Cheer Gym the BEST possible training facility for athletes in cheer, dance & tumbling.  Feel confident in knowing our coaches go through background checks and have received the proper training and education to coach your child safely.


Pride Ninja: This class will use tumbling skills throughout various obstacle courses created from mats and trampolines.  We will use mega jumping and power tumbling moves to challenge each athlete.  This is a fun class to gain strength and build better tumbling.  Ages 9 and up only please.

Tumble Tots: A FUN class for young tumblers ages 3-6 to enhance body awareness and learn basic tumbling skills!

Intro: This class is great for NEW tumblers from ages 6-11. Learning back bends, cartwheels, rolls, headstands, and other basic tumbling skills that will prepare you for the Basic Level!

Basic: Some experience needed such as the Intro class. Learning back bend kick overs, working front and back walkovers, round offs, hand stands, back extension rolls, drills for back handsprings!

Intermediate: Must have back bend kick over. Learning fluid front and back walkovers, Front and Back handspring is primary goal, Starting round off back handspring!

Advanced: Must have back handspring. Learning connected flips, double back handspring, round off back handspring, front and back tucks, starting round off back tucks!

Elite: Must have round off back tuck. Learning standing back tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, front tuck step outs, layouts, and fulls!

Open Gym: These days are used as a make up so you never have to lose a class that you miss.  Or take it as an extra day for $10.  Fully supervised but multi levels.  Ages 6 and up only please.



There are several ways we contact you about a change or closing:

– EMAIL to you & to all email addresses you have entered on your family account.

– PHONE message when calling the gym.

– POST on our home page of website

 – KDKA closings on TV (CBS)  YOU can also sign up on KDKA.com to receive a text from us, “Pride Cheer Gym”




Our gym is equipped with a 54’ x 42’ spring floor, 30′ tumble track, in-ground pit, in-ground trampoline with over-head spotting harness, Air Track, stunt height mirrors & a 2nd spring floor area.  Athletes can learn skills SAFELY and with proper technique leading to greater CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS!

Our staff is EXTREMELY qualified; they are certified instructors with years of experience in cheer, gymnastics & dance.  As you gain athletic skills within your classes, you will also develop personal life skills along side our positive instructors who teach hard work, respect & perseverance.

Overhead spotting belt

Our structure of Tumbling classes is created by both ability & age.  Our focus is on PROPER TECHNIQUE & PROGRESSION.  Athletes can feel comfortable as they work through their levels around kids of similar skill level.  You are also allowed to progress forward at your own pace, when you are ready for more you are encouraged & taught to try the next skill.  When you need more time with a skill, that’s ok too.  Multiple stations are created for individual work where one can focus & practice a necessary drill, as well as stations of getting spotted by coaches on the new challenging skills.  There is little down-time, or standing in lines,  & athletes also condition in all classes to develop the strength & flexibility to execute skills properly.  Our typical athlete-to-coach ratio is 6-to-1, which allows for the BEST possible instruction from the FINEST coaching staff.



Want to know what class you should take?  We can help, we’ll even evaluate your child for you, contact us at:

tumbling@pridecheergym.com   or

724-873-1232 gym